Sports Massage Brighton: mobile sports and deep tissue massage injury therapist throughout Brighton and Sussex.


Sports Massage Brighton is an experienced mobile sports and deep tissue massage therapy service operating around Brighton and Mid-Sussex helping you to recover from muscular tightness and injury. Sports Massage Brighton travels to you fixing your aches and pains!
Sports massage is for anyone who suffers from tightness, you don't have to be sporty! Patrick Harding of Sports Massage Brighton is a soft tissue massage injury therapist, specialising in sports massage therapy, deep tissue massage, and soft tissue (tendons/ligaments) massage.

Sports massage therapy helps injury rehabilitation, muscle relaxation, tightness, and performance/recovery before and after sports. Sports Massage Brighton will loosen muscles, improve sporting performance, assist training recovery, reduce injury, and stop muscular aches and tightness. This deep tissue massage is very beneficial for people training for sports/marathons etc. Sports massage is also helpful for general tightness and postural problems for anyone.
Sports Massage Brighton can help any muscular problem, soft tissue injury, or tightness. Problems such as back pain, neck ache, tight legs, posture weakness, shoulder mobility, sciatica, tennis/golf elbow, knee soreness, calf strains, tired feet etc. can all be reduced with quality manual therapy. A sports massage enhances your muscles condition, increases flexibility, creates greater energy, improves blood circulation, reduces fatigue, and relieves stress.
Sports massage is also known as a deep tissue massage. All sports massage equipment is provided. Patrick is fully insured and qualified for all sports massage/deep tissue massage treatments. Patrick of Sports Massage Brighton is a reliable, punctual, and professional sports massage and deep tissue massage therapist in the Brighton and Mid-Sussex area. No travelling, no hassle, no effort, just quality sports massage/deep tissue massage treatment!